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We started a study center for the Bharathiar University from 2011 onwards. The founder Mr. Mr. D. Paul Raj M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil. has been bringing the upliftment of our society by holding various posts in different social service organizations.

The Success Institute, we have a wide array of coaching, training and mentoring programs to help the students for your future development.

Our institution is very useful to all categories of students to develop their all round development.

Why Choose Us

This expert training facilitates the teacher to establish a direct rapport with the budding personality of the little children.


Being a modern – day kid you must have used seen or read about computers. This is because they are integral part of our everyday existence. Be it school, banks, shops, railway stations, Hospital or your own home, computers are present everywhere, making our work easier and faster to us.

Montessori & Kindergarten

Montessori, Kindergarten and Nursery system of Education, which originated from the West, has now spread all over Asia and especially in India. This system of Education for Tiny-tots and young children has been widely recognized as an ideal system to guide the children in their primary age and groom and prepare them for higher education and make them good citizens of the country.


We also perform the task of being the study center of Bharathiar University which offers different types of UG courses, PG courses, Diploma courses, PG diplomacourses, Lateral entry programs, and other courses such as MBA and MCA. Our study center code is TN0802.

Other Activities.

Counseling & Guidance for higher education, Spoken English, Soft skill, Competative Exam ,Special skill (EDP, PRA, Job Oriented Training)

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Here at The Success Institute, we have a wide array of coaching, training and mentoring programs to help students and people from all walks of life and organizations of all sizes to develop and grow both personally and professionally.

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